List of changes to KD Player (in English)

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List of changes to KD Player (in English)

Сообщение SonyShorts » 16 дек 2008 06:19

List of changes to KD Player (in English)


here I must display full list of changes to KD Player in ENGLISH as the list of changes on the main site are in Russian. Corrections to the rough translation from Google have been made for the benefit of English language readers. I will have to remember to add the new published list of changes upon a new version release :D



1. Added icons in the menu to the music libraries - to install icons when changing skins developed the tag "icons", which shows their image. (example: file icons.png archive applications);
2. Added reading tags, bitrate and Rate for the WMA-file;
3. Added a separator in the music library for a list of playlists and avtopleylistov;
4. Added paragraph "Information on the skins" - used to display information about the author skin, date, etc.;
5. Added auto-hide the command "Go in the music library;
6. Added automatic shift in the file manager to the choice of drive, if the folder containing the music has been removed or changed - now do not need to click the "Back" to exit from non-existing folders;
7. Changed the primary imaging;
8. Fixed a work team avtopleylista conservation;
9. Corrected opening files with the extension in the upper register for some phones - UIQ 3.0 platform is not open files with the extension ". MP3", ". WMA", etc. Now it is rectified;
10. Fixed incoming calls and SMS on mobile phones Nokia Series40 - now play will continue from the point at which it stopped;
11. Fix the long transition between the tracks in the window "Current";
12. Corrected removal figures at the beginning of the name of artist;
13. Fixes for "Avtostart" on the phones Nokia Series 40;
14. Fixed sorting by album - now sorted by file name, rather than the title, tag number tracks "does not take into account;
15. Fix algorithm for the preservation of the music library - now the data are stored, if the application was dismissed not through the "Exit";
16. A bug downloading a skin when you start an application on Nokia Series 40 phones - now, if you do not have enough memory to be loaded with standard skin;
17. Corrected update the music library when the silent mode on the Nokia Series 40 handsets - will now be presented with a message and inability to update the music library;
18. Modified window displaying information about his inability to open files, updating the music library, etc. - Now the message will be displayed in the window player;
19. Fixed part, the sliders equalizer and preservation facilities;
20. Corrected reading tags on vehicles Symbian - now hangs in the application is not reading the information on file;
21. Various minor corrections in the source code;


1. Added the equalizer for new phone models (for a list of supported phones can be found here)
Yes. Adjusting the Bass and Treble
b.. The ability to manually set
into. The ability to create their installation
d. 4 standard installation (Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz)
2. New feature Play / Pause buttons for camera phones SE.
3. The error in setting loading AlbumArt
4. Changed the definition of the file size of the window "Information"
5. Partially modified to work with the keyboard on UIQ 3.0
6. Partially changed the display menus and text in Help
7. Added paragraph "Thanks" in the Advanced menu

[0.9.1 Test]

1. Added Spinning tags if they do not fits on the screen (on / off - double-click "#")
2. Added AlbumArt reading of the files "sover *", "imya_papki *". Extensions: PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF (not animated) (Examples: "cover.jpg", "music.png", cover_album_2008.gif "etc.)
3. Added ability to view and bitrate Rate for WAV-files
4. Added running track number, name of the composer, publisher of the window "Information" for mp3-files
5. Added special management. k790/k800 keys for phones, etc. (switch and rewind tracks)
6. Changed display length tracks, playlists, etc. (1:12:58 example, instead of 72:58)
7. A bug with a key stop on the phones Siemens x65
8. Changed sorting algorithm in music. library


1. Partial support of some phones Siemens / Benq-Siemens (work with the keyboard, opening files)
2. Partial support of some phones Motorola (work with the keyboard, opening files)
3. Added AlbumArt reading of ID3-tags for mp3-files
4. Added reading ID3v2-Tag (encrypted win1251, UTF-8, UTF16)
5. Added option cleaning music library is useful when there are errors in the annex and the liberation of occupied space in the memory device
6. To optimize the menu and reading bitrate for faster application
7. A bug reading bitrate on some mp3-files
8. A bug access to the drives on some models, FS
9. A bug in determining the size of the screen on some phone models
10. Fixed shortcomings with the completion of an application on Nokia phones when installing skins (now an error, rather than a window "Application Error")
11. A bug reading M3U-playlists for a few phones
12. A bug "Open run error ..."
13. Fixed minor defect in the code


1. Added support formats XMF, Real Audio, RHZ
2. Added ability to view and bitrate Rate for MP3-files
3. Saving ways to folders to add music and change skin
4. Auto-locking MP4-video files to the phone SE W900 to avoid problems with the firmware specifically for this model
5. Optimizing the opening of skins for Nokia phones
6. The possibility of a job for color visualization in the tent
7. Reading tags ID3v1 by application, rather than the phone (true for Nokia S40 3rd and above)
8. Automatic change of codes soft keys for phones Siemens / Motorola
9. Changed recording mode M3U-Playlist
10. Optimizing the flow of memory
11. Fixed minor shortcomings and errors in the code


1. Reduced consumption of Java-Heap through 2-mind to new tags in the tent annex. (Tags bkgnd1_color and bkgnd2_color, responsible for the background color for the current and menus, respectively)
2. Podpravleny some places in the menu and use the keyboard


1. Change the appearance of applications, improved readability of the Sun
2. There are full skins
3. Create, edit and save playlists in the M3U format
4. There avtopleylisty to add new features to create playlists
5. Add Bookmarks in the music library
6. Extracting the artist and the title track from the file name (option in the preferences)
7. Deleting a track number in the title and artist name
8. Support for Album Art (the album covers) and download the file "Folder.jpg" in the folder where the file is playable (option in the preferences)
9. Now it vizualisation simple (button 3)
10. The ability to retrieve artist, title and length of the tags M3U-files without opening the file itself
11. Automatically detect the type of files (via FS as the SE k750, or through a protocol file: as in most phones)
12. Now the search feature music files in subfolders (option in the preferences)
13. It was removed support for video files, because observed random phone because nedorabotannyh rom. In addition, most of the phone video players is much preferable to
14. Now the music library stored on exit and is updated only at the request of the user, rather than when downloading an application
15. The ability to create playlists directly from the library, through the "Send to ..."
16. An increased number of volume, now 10
17. Add new regime Repeat - Repeat the current track
18. Added display of the length of track
19. Add Entries in the music library, it is automatically sent to all the records from the recorder, which were added to the music library.

Sincerely, Knyzhov Dmitry and Sergei Borisov
Прошу извинить меня за мои синтаксические и грамматические ошибки, так как я не владею русским языком и для перевода пользуюсь переводчиком от Google


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